Welcome back

Cushion Workshop

What a productive afternoon Wharfedale had on Friday! Many adults came to help create our class cushions; some bringing very professional equipment. The atmosphere was lovely and we have already started planning our next ‘open door’ afternoon. Thanks to all our wonderful parents, for their valued support.

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are a group of efficient and enthusiastic young leaders in all aspects of Computing. Their roles vary from readying software and hardware for staff, to pupil and staff coaching in areas such as Coding, both physical and virtual. Watch out for this badge.

Roman Roads

Did you know that there’s a Roman road right here in Ingleton? Some of us have even marched in the footsteps of centurions and walked along the ancient Roman route!

On Monday, we learned about the importance of good roads in the Roman world and investigated how they are built. We then built our own replica Roman roads using: sand, rubble, rocks and flat paving stones. We dug ditches down the sides and built a sloping camber so the water would flow off. We even tested the roads with some extreme rainfall.


Bikeability training for Year 5

It was warm and sunny for the year 5 Bikeability training that took place earlier this term.

Motte and Bailey Castles

Kingsdale have been learning all about Castles. We learnt about Motte and Bailey castles and created our own using natural resources found in the woods. Can you spot the motte, bailey, keep and moat in our photos?

Hadrian’s Wall

Year 3 pupils from Barbondale joined Wensleydale for a trip to Hadrian’s Wall. We visited Housesteads Fort before lunch. It was amazing to be so close to Hadrian’s Wall. We imagined what it would have been like to be a Roman soldier walking the wall, in winter, looking out for the fearsome Celts. Off to Vindolanda after lunch to see archaeologists at work and hold artefacts that had not seen the light of day for nearly 2000 years.

Housesteads Trip

On Wednesday 18th September, Wensleydale class enjoyed a Roman adventure to Housesteads Fort and Vindolanda Museum. We explored the  fort and imagined how it would have looked  2000 years ago before enjoying lunch overlooking the Cumbrian hills. We were even treated to a fly-by from genuine Roman chinook helicopters.

At Vindolanda, we met some genuine archaeologists conducting a dig on the site. They showed us real Roman pottery that had been dug up that morning. At the museum, the amazingly preserved shoes were spectacular and so was the drone’s eye view of the whole site.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all our parent helpers who came along and well done to all the children who were curious, engaged and resilient climbing up the big hill to the fort.

Wet lunchtimes

There has been so much rain recently we have had some inevitable indoor lunchtimes. Just look how we occupy ourselves with our friends in the hall. Sometimes it’s fun to stay inside.


Congratulations to all our Key Stage Two pupils who participated in the annual cross-country competition here at Ingleton. We had 12 children who qualified for the next round at Giggleswick School. Everyone enjoyed the competition and ran well, on a tough course. Congratulations to Lucas, Finn and Mack who are now through to the North Yorkshire County Finals at Dalby Forest in April.