Prospective parents are welcome to make an appointment to meet us and look round our school. If pupil numbers exceed our limit of 26 we adopt the LA guidelines for prioritising places. 

  • children with Education Health Care Plans which name our school
  • children in Public Care
  • children who have special social or medical reasons for admission
  • children living within our catchment area who have listed our school as first preference
  • children living within our catchment area who have listed our school as a preference but their higher preference cannot be met.
  • children living outside our catchment area who have a sibling in our school
  • children living within our catchment area who live closest to school using nearest walking route. ​

Starting School

All prospective parents wishing to apply for a place at our school need to contact the school admissions team at or ring 01609 533679 for paper copies of the forms.

It is highly recommended that children attend our Nursery sessions starting the term after they are three years old. Admission is in accordance with North Yorkshire Local Authority policy. We have an allocated number of places and once these places are filled there is a waiting list. We do admit children who live outside our catchment area if we have enough space. To help our Foundation Stage pupils settle we organise parents’ meetings, home visits, a session with parents and a phased introduction to school life for our 3 and 4 year olds.

For full details please see our Admission Policy