Welcome to Wharfedale.

We are a wonderful team of active learners who embrace new experiences. We have 24 Year 6 pupils in our team. Mrs Clements is our teacher and we also have Mrs Denby as our teaching assistant.


Class Teacher:  Mrs Clements
Assisted by: Mrs Denby

Year Group(s): Year 6

Each week we are expected to:

  • Read frequently and read/talk about our book with an adult at least three times a week.
  • Practise our spellings
  • Practise our times tables

Main Topics

Autumn- Pre-historic (Stone Age- Iron Age)

Spring-Dynamic Earth ( Mountains and Volcanoes)

Summer-Earth Caretakers ( Enough For Everyone)

Wharfedale Timetable Autumn 2

Wharfedale Timetable Autumn 2.docx