Policy for Parent/Carer Behaviour

Our school is a friendly and welcoming place where our children and staff feel safe. We work in partnership with parents and pride ourselves on excellent relationships which are mutually beneficial. Thankfully, we have experienced very few instances of aggressive and inappropriate behaviour by adults but we do have to have clear guidelines regarding acceptable behaviour and any possible action school will take to protect pupils and staff if the policy is not observed.

Parents, Carers and other Adults Behaviour Policy and Access Restriction Policy.

We, the Governing Body and Headteacher, strongly believe that our school should be a welcoming and safe place for our children, staff, parents and visitors alike. We also know our parents share that belief. We have legal responsibilities for the safeguarding and wellbeing of children and staff, and a duty of care to all users of our school.

All adults who enter our school site at any time set examples of behaviour and conduct which influence children and young people and we believe that they should therefore demonstrate high standards of conduct in order to encourage our pupils to do the same. Parents, Carers and other Adults must show respect to all other Parents, Carers and other Adults, children and staff.

Adults who do not behave in an acceptable manner will be asked to leave the site and the Headteacher has the right to further restrict their access. The process for restriction of access in relation to Parents, Carers and other Adults who have reason to come on to the school site is set out in our Access Restriction Procedure. This procedure was adopted by the governors in February 2016

Behaviour which is regarded as unacceptable includes:

  • Physical abuse, threatening, oppressive or aggressive behaviour or use of offensive language towards other adults, staff or children
  • Entering the school site under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Smoking anywhere on the school site
  • Bringing dogs, with the exception of Assistance Dogs, on to the school site is forbidden.
  • School-related issues which parents or carers have concerning school, pupils or their families must be brought to the attention of a member of staff. If issues cannot be successfully resolved by speaking to a staff member, parents and carers correct course of action is to use our Complaints Procedure as appropriate
  • We expect all communication between parents and school to be conducted in a polite and respectful manner – this includes any communication via social media. Communication may be similarly restricted if it becomes unacceptable and legal advice may be sought
  • Permission must be sought to take photographs on the school premises which include another parent’s child before, during or after the school day – Photographs featuring other children must not be published on social media without parental consent

Thank you for your cooperation.

As a parent or carer of a child at our school we would be very pleased to hear from you if you have any comments about the above policy. Please send them to ‘The Clerk to the Governors’, via the school office.