Minutes of the Full Governing Body of Ingleton Primary School

held on Wednesday, September 22nd 2021 at 6.30pm by Remote meeting

GQ = Governor’s Question
R = Response.

Governors present: David Alexander, Vikki Bromley, Jo Colledge (Head), Katie Harrison (Vice Chair), Michelle Hartnell, Rowan Knapton, Jane Walker, Jenny Ward.

In attendance: Andrew Dixon (Strategic Planning Manager), Julia Temple (Strategic Planning Officer).

Clerk: David Wild, Barry Heslop.

No. Item Minute Action
1 Welcome and Introductions. The Clerk explained that he would be stepping down and that the role would be undertaken in future by David Wild also from NYCC clerking service. Governors thanked Mr Heslop for his work and commitment to the school.
2 Apologies for absence An apology was received from Jen Thistlethwaite – consented.
3 School Catchment Areas The Head introduced Mr Dixon and Mrs Temple to the meeting, and explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the school catchment area in more detail. Questions from governors had been forwarded to Mr Dixon in advance of the meeting.

GQ – Why are Thornton, Westhouse, and Masongill in the Bentham catchment when they are closer to Ingleton.

R – Mr Dixon referred to earlier discussions that took place when Clapham Primary School closed. No consensus on redistribution of catchment was reached at that time. The Local Authority must maintain school placement efficiency. An annual review of the school catchment areas was recommended. The review is now taking place having started in Summer term. The LA position is that there is no need to change the old Clapham catchment as none of the local schools are over-subscribed. Only 2 children started school this year from the Clapham area. Bentham and Austwick schools saw no reason to meet.

It was also noted that catchment areas are often based on old civil parishes and may not fit with local geography.

GQ – Has the same rationale been used following the closure of Clapham and Burton.

R – At the time there was more capacity at Bentham and not at Ingleton. There was some concern that Ingleton could go over capacity. Out of catchment children make up 26% of pupils at Ingleton.

GQ – How full is Bentham and what is the capacity there. Was the Published Admission Number increased when the new school was opened?

R – The new school was to replace two old schools (Low and High Bentham), but as the school was being built Low Bentham closed. The capacity is 210 in 7 classes. The school is not full with 136 on roll. The Reception intake is increasing though. The local plan includes a lot of new housing in Bentham and so the situation will change.

GQ – Is the historic population and demographics considered when reviewing catchments.

R – Yes. The LA uses data from the Office for National Statistics mainly taking into account predicted birth rate data.

GQ – Is it possible to share a catchment.

R – Yes, it is. However, it may not be the first option as it can have a considerable impact on transport costs.

Governors thanked Mr Dixon and Mrs Temple for their contributions.

Governors considered future options and possible effects on school funding. It was noted that schools can take pupils from either catchment until they are full. 

4 Election of Chair and Vice Chair. The clerk asked governors for nominations for Chair of Governors, noting that a written nomination for Chair had been received from Mrs Thistlethwaite. Mrs Thistlethwaite was proposed as Chair by Mrs Ward and seconded by Mrs Harrison, and agreed by all. Mrs Thistlethwaite was duly elected as Chair of Governors.

Mrs Harrison was proposed as Vice Chair by Mrs Bromley, seconded by Mrs Hartnell, and agreed by all. Mrs Harrison was duly elected as Vice Chair.

Mrs Harrison agreed to act as Chair for the meeting.

It was noted that this was Mr Knapton’s last meeting as he will reach the end of his term of office before the next meeting. The Chair and governors thanked Mr Knapton for his work on the GB and especially his work as SEND governor.

5 Annual Register of Business and Personal Interests plus Gifts and Hospitality. Governors were asked to declare any conflicts of interest for this meeting. There were none.

Governors were reminded to complete the register forms and return to the clerk as soon as possible.

6 To determine whether any part of the proceedings should be treated as confidential. There were no confidential items.
7 Notification of urgent other business. Two items were agreed for discussion at the end of the meeting.
8 Standing Orders. The Standing Orders were shared with governors before the meeting.

Adoption of the Standing Orders was proposed by Mrs Colledge, seconded by Mrs Harrison and agreed by all.

9 Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct was shared with governors before the meeting.

Adoption of the Code of Conduct was proposed by Mrs Colledge, seconded by Mrs Harrison and agreed by all.

10 Committees It was agreed that there will be two committees – Resources and School Improvement.

Membership of the School Improvement Committee was agreed as :-

Mrs Harrison; Mrs Ward; Mrs Bromley, and Mrs Colledge.

Membership of the Resources Committee was agreed as :-

Mr Alexander; Mrs Colledge; Mrs Thistlethwaite; Mrs Hartnell; Mrs Walker.

It was agreed to set meeting dates later.

11 The Scheme of Delegation to the Headteacher. The Scheme of Delegation is contained in the Budget Management Policy which all governors have access to. The Policy was reviewed by the Resources Committee in the Summer term.

Adoption of the Scheme of Delegation was proposed by Mrs. Walker, seconded by Mrs Ward and approved by all.

12 To appoint governors with specific responsibilities and link governors. As Mr Knapton will be leaving the GB, Mrs Ward agreed to act as SEND lead, and Mrs Thistlethwaite was nominated to be link governor for Swaledale class until a new governor is appointed.

Governors agreed the following roles and links:

Mrs Bromley – EYFS lead.

Mrs Walker – Health and Safety lead; Nursery link governor.

Mrs Thistlethwaite – FOI and Data Protection lead; Wharfedale and Swaledale class link.

Mrs Hartnell – Pupil Premium lead; Wensleydale class link.

Mrs Harrison – Safeguarding lead; Kingsdale class link.

Mr Alexander – E-learning lead; Barbondale class link.

Mrs Ward – SEND plus PE/Sport and Education Visits lead; Dentdale class link.

13 To agree a timetable for governor visits. It was agreed that governors will try to visit their linked class once per term. It was suggested that it would be good for governors to focus on the same areas that Ofsted have said they will look at when inspecting schools.

GQ – Should we arrange visits directly with the class teacher.

R – Governors can email the class teacher to arrange a time for the visit. Governors are also welcome in school at any time to support teachers.

14 To approve the minutes of the meeting on 5th May 2021. The minutes were shared with governors before the meeting.

No amendments were required. Approval of the minutes was proposed by Mrs Ward, seconded by Mrs Hartnell, and agreed by all.

15 To consider matters arising from the minutes. GQ – Has Dale Barton now visited.

R – Yes. Dale Barton has visited and reported to the Resources Committee.

GQ – Have all the holes in the fence been repaired.

R – Yes. Although the hedge is now more bushy and makes the fence less needed.

16 Resources sub-committee. The minutes of the previous meeting of the committee were made available to governors before the meeting.

There were no amendments required. Approval of the minutes was proposed by Mrs Colledge, seconded by Mrs Hartnell and agreed by all.

17 Budget Monitoring Report. The report was shared with governors before the meeting.
18 School Improvement Sub-committee. Minutes of the previous meeting of the committee were made available to governors before the meeting. There were no amendments required. Approval of the minutes was proposed by Mrs Harrison, seconded by Mrs Colledge and agreed by all.

Governors reviewed an earlier discussion concerning the school’s Facebook pages. In particular access to closed groups was considered. It was agreed that only parents should be given access.

Mr Alexander agreed to look in more detail and report back to the next meeting of the School Improvement Committee.

Mr Alexander; Review access to and management of the school Facebook site. Report to the School Improvement Committee. Completion date – 11 November 2021.

19 Headteacher’s Report. The written report was issued to governors before the meeting.

HT informed governors that a new Senior School Advisor had been appointed to work with the school. The advisor has done a lot of useful work on Reading in the past.

Staff meeting dates were shared in the report. Governors were asked to contact the Head if they wish to take part.

School standards and monitoring pupil progress will be discussed in detail at the School Improvement Committee meeting.

GQ – Will you need to get external staff in to help free up some time.

R – We are trying not to use agency staff. It also helps with monitoring if HT covers some of the time.

GQ – Are all staff double Covid jabbed now.

R – Yes, apart from one member of the kitchen staff.

GQ – Regarding the catching up after Covid lockdowns and under-achieving pupils, how is this communicated with parents.

R – There will be school reports in February and the Summer term. Assessment results will also be given to parents each term.

Governors discussed how to best to provide feedback on progress.

GQ – Concerning Sports Premium, is there a cluster lead.

R – Yes. Ian Simmons.

GQ – Is there a timetable of events planned.

R – Not at present. There was one in the past but it has not been produced recently.

It was noted that many events had now been moved to afternoons rather than after school. Governors were concerned that some children may miss opportunities.

20 Governor monitoring visits. There were no reports. A visit timetable was discussed earlier.
21 Governor training opportunities. The clerk agreed to email governors with a link to the NYCC training site.
22 To deal with matters agreed for consideration under item 8 above. Item 1 – HT informed governors that an extra holiday has been proposed to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The proposal from the LA is that the extra day will be taken at the end of the Summer term. The term will therefore end on Thursday 21st July 2022.

Governors expressed concern that the statutory 190 teaching days may not be met.

HT agreed to check and has reported back that the DfE has agreed to 189 teaching days this academic year.

Item 2 – The LA is undertaking a consultation on Published Admission Numbers.

HT proposed that the number should remain the same at 26. The figure was agreed by all.

23 How has this meeting impacted on the welfare and progress of our pupils. Governors have agreed how the GB will operate during the current academic year.

A schedule of governor visits to school has been agreed.

Governors have improved their understanding of school catchment areas.

24 Dates of meetings for the academic year. Governing Body meetings

Wednesday 9th February 2022 at 18:30.

Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 18:30.

Resources Committee

HT will liaise with Mrs Thistlethwaite and also confirm dates for monitoring reports before proposing meeting dates.

School Improvement Committee

Thursday 11th November 2021 at 18:30.

Other dates to be agreed at that meeting.

Closure There being no other business the Chair closed the meeting at 20:15.