Anti – Bullying Policy September 2022

The North Yorkshire Behaviour & Attendance Strategy: Anti-Bullying Guidelines and self evaluation framework for schools defines bullying as;

“Any sort of systematic physical or psychological intimidation by those in a position of power over those who are unable to defend themselves. It implies a wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone, with the intention of causing distress. It can include personal, sexual or racial harassment.”

At Ingleton Primary School we aim to:

  • Ensure all children and adults within school have a common understanding of what bullying is
  • Minimise all forms of bullying
  • Communicate clearly to children and parents the school’s zero tolerance response
  • Stress that the whole school community acts together on this issue
  • Continually work to maintain a warm and harmonious atmosphere within school


  • All allegations of bullying will be taken seriously and carefully investigated in a calm and consistent manner
  • Pupils, parents and staff will be encouraged to talk openly about the issue
  • As part of the curriculum a greater understanding of bullying in all its forms will be developed
  • Children will be taught strategies to help them deal with bullying situations which they may encounter
  • The school will protect and support all parties during school/extra curricular time and on school premises whilst issues are resolved

Whole School Strategies to Minimise Bullying

  • A regular programme of PSHCE/SEAL/Circle Time will support this policy including class discussions on dealing with friendship and playtime issues. Teaching about bullying will not be reserved for dealing with occurrences but will be systematic and throughout the year
  • Pupils are encouraged to report any bullying incidents to a member of staff or to an older pupil whom they trust. They are made aware that it is ‘alright’ to take a friend with them if they are worried about speaking out themselves
  • Pupils know not to blame themselves if they are being bullied
  • Pupils are encouraged not to ‘join in’ with bullying behaviour

At Ingleton Primary School all specific allegations of bullying will be responded to in the following ways;

  • Children know that they can talk to any member of staff in school but it will be the Class Teacher who will follow up the allegations. Therefore, any other adult in a position of responsibility should inform the Class Teacher as soon as possible.
  • The Class Teacher will discuss the incident separately with all parties involved in order to get both sides of the story and talk through any issues. An early resolution will be sought if possible. Serious incidents will be referred to the Headteacher
  • If there is no resolution or further bullying occurs the parents of the bullying child must be contacted in order to discuss the problem and to make clear that a zero tolerance policy is being adhered to

As a result of discussions clear expectations are laid down as to;

  • Expected behaviour and attitudes
  • Where the bullying child should be at specific times of the day
  • Who they should report, and when
  • Who they should keep away from
  • What are the arrangements for beginning/ending lessons, playtimes etc.
  • Individual circumstances will determine the precise arrangements to be made

Support will be given to the bullying child to raise self esteem and to develop appropriate social skills

All reports of bullying, no matter how trivial, will be noted, investigated and dealt with by teachers. Bullying incidents will be recorded.

Teachers will monitor specific pupils, especially at playtimes.

It will be instilled in all pupils that reporting incidents of bullying is not ‘telling tales’ but behaving responsibly

Parents will be informed if there is a reported incident involving their children

If a parent wishes to make enquiries regarding incidents of bullying behaviour which they might suspect or which have come to their attention through their children or through other parents, they should approach and inform the child’s class teacher.

Exclusion is considered and implemented by the Headteacher when appropriate

Where cases relating to a pupil remain unresolved at school level the matter should be referred to the school Governors