Google Classroom Code of Conduct

Google Classroom is an online learning platform which enables us to continue our curriculum wherever we are. This code of conduct outlines what we expect of pupils during online sessions. Much of this matches our expectations of pupils in lessons when they are in school and it will help pupils get the most out of their online learning.

I understand that by joining the sessions I agree to follow the code of conduct outlined below:

  • I understand that while online, I must follow the school’s policies including the Behaviour policy, Anti-bullying Policy and the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • I will make sure that my communication online is always supportive of my learning and the learning and wellbeing of others and I will communicate in a courteous way at all times.
  • I will only use Google classroom for online learning and will only upload or forward, browse or download materials that are related to my learning and will only do this when asked by my teachers.
  • During live online sessions, my parent/carer will be near me (in the room or a nearby room with the door open).
  • I will not use my school account to create groups, initiate calls or initiate meetings and will end sessions when the teacher tells me to do so.
  • I understand that in live lessons/meetings I must remain muted unless my teacher unmutes me or directs me to unmute.
  • When taking part in an online session (Google Meet) I will make sure that my environment is quiet and free from distractions, the background (and foreground) is appropriate – check what is visible behind/ in front of you.
  • I will ensure that I am suitably dressed (fully dressed and not in pyjamas!).
  • I will remain attentive.
  • I will regularly check my google classroom to help ensure that I keep on track with my learning.
  • I will not take photos of my screen or record online interactions
  • At the end of live lessons/google meetings my teacher will ask me to ‘hang up’ before closing the meeting. I will do this promptly as directed by my teacher.
  • I understand that online sessions will be recorded by my teacher but that the recordings will not be made public.
  • I understand that should I fail to follow this Code of Conduct, my teacher will remove me and there will be a follow up consequence for my actions.