Remote Learning Mat

The closure of school is an extraordinary event but this is an opportunity to practice and consolidate 11 key foundation skills.

Aim to do five a day!


Keep practising spellings daily……. Use spellingframe to practice the year 3/4 word list and year group specific skills.

Or use the list of spelling words in your pack.


Write part of your diary or part of your reading book, shopping list etc. in your handwriting book.
(See handwriting sheet for joins)

Diary Writing

Write a Lock-Down diary. In 20 years time, you’ll look back at this time and have a record of your thoughts and feelings and what life was like during this extraordinary time.


Do colouring, jigsaws, make cakes, cards, crafts, play board games, card games, start a scrap book, notice nature.


Try to read a variety of materials:

your reading book, non- fiction books, newspapers, comics, recipes etc.
You might like to try the free series of short stories on Tom Palmer’s website?

Fine Motor Skills

Practice tasks that will improve your finger and wrist strength and control: tracing, sewing, juggling, drawing by copying pictures.

Touch typing

Visit purplemash and start the touch typing course.


  • Think of a topic you would like to research: Animals of the Arctic, Inuit people, the northern lights, towers of the world, bridges of the world etc.
  • Research the topic online and write notes
  • Think of different subtitles and write a paragraph for each one
  • Create a poster and present it to someone at home

Practical Maths

Measure distances, weights and capacity (ml, L). Set challenges like:

what is the perimeter of the table, what is the mass of 1 shoe, what is the mass of both of them, what is the capacity of a mug, bowl, pan etc.

Tell the time: what will the time be in 15 minutes, half an hour etc. How long until 12.30?

Calculate with money: use a takeaway menu and calculate the cost of different orders. Count up your pocket money and look at an Argos catalogue. What could you buy? How much more would you
need to buy what you want?

Times table practice

Daily practice of times tables multiplication and division facts.
Also practice dividing and multiplying by 10, 100, 1000.

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Do a daily activity which gets your heart pumping. Walking, running, skipping, dancing, practice throwing accurately.

Joe Wicks 5 minute move
Dance videos-The Just for Fun section is great!
Children’s Yoga