The internet and other digital technologies permeate all aspects of life in a modern technological society. Internet use is part of the statutory National Curriculum and is a necessary tool for staff and pupils. It is the entitlement of every pupil to have access to the internet and digital technologies, in order to enrich his/her learning.

Our E-Safety Policy states that:

"Communication of the E-safety policy to parents/carers

  • The acceptable use policies will be available on the school website.
  • The school website will include a list of e-safety resources and information for parents to access.
  • The school will communicate and publicise e-safety issues to parents through the school newsletter and website."

You can find our E-Safety Policy in full under About / School Policies / E-Safety Policy.

The two main e-safety resources we would like to direct you to are:

C.E.O.P: run by the UK Police, this is the main website of the task-force to protect children online.

Think U Know: this is the accessible front-end to C.E.O.P, with a lot of child-friendly advice and material.