School Uniform

We like our children to appear smart and clean since this sets standards for their adult life.

It is of immense value if your child is able to dress and undress herself/himself when she/he starts full-time school. 

Winter Clothing

  • red sweatshirt or red sweatshirt cardigan with school logo (available from P.T.A.) 
  • dark trousers / skirt
  • sensible, dark shoes
  • a warm coat, hats and gloves

Summer Clothing

  • red or white plain polo shirt
  • dark trousers/ shorts or skirt/ red and white gingham dress
  • sensible, dark shoes/ sandals
  • red sweatshirt /cardigan
  • a hat for sunny days


We like our  younger children to have wellies available daily. In Winter all pupils are advised to have waterproof footwear and have a change of footwear if there is snow to play in. Children who have Velcro or buckle fastenings on their shoes are more likely to succeed than those faced with the challenge of laces. 


  • plimsolls for in the hall
  • black or navy shorts
  • white T-shirt.
  • a warm, dark coloured tracksuit
  • trainers for outdoors

Jewellery and Valuables 

Rings, earrings and necklaces constitute a dangerous hazard at school so we do not encourage fashion jewellery. If children do wear earrings they must wear only studs which should be either taken out or taped over before coming to school on PE days.

We suggest that young children may like to bring small toys (i.e. small enough to fit in a pocket or drawer) to play with at break times. Other items of value - sentimental or monetary - should not be brought to school unless they are for a specific purpose i.e. on exhibition or display. Mobile phones should not be brought to school.