Parent Teacher Association

All parents are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Association and  Committee members attend regular meetings. We encourage any interested parents to take an active part and support events. As well as promoting a close liaison between home and school, the Association raises funds e.g. classroom resources; subsidy of transport for educational visits; Christmas parties and entertainment.

We have exciting events planned for 2015/16. These are intended to be sociable and fun as well as raise funds. Activities include the Autumn Fair, Blue Bag collections, Coin Spiral, family camping, Christmas card sale, Film Night, Disco, Bingo...........please have a look at the newsletters for up to date information.

P.T.A. have nominated a named contact for each class so that you can know who to talk to about events and activities..........

Nursery -

Class 1 – Jemma Stead

Class 2 – Janet Faraday

Class 3 – Sarah Robertshaw

Class 4 – Mark Woolley

Class 5 – Mandy Parker

Class 6 – Shula Cockett